$75- Portrait Drawing Bundle

$75- Portrait Drawing Bundle

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What you get:

  • A full length tutorial with instruction and every pencil stroke and erasure made on the paper
  • 3 refined cuts which compresses the 10 hour 30 min. tutorial into about 60 minutes of refined video tutorial.
  • A model pack so that you can work along with the tutorial using the same model and lighting
  • Both videos can be streamed online and/or downloaded to watch offline

 In this tutorial series, you'll learn...

  • How to keep your block in clear and simple
  • Maintaining structure throughout the block in process
  • How to study and find accurate proportions
  • How to block in clear and simplified values
  • How to study and find accurate value relationships
  • How to observe and study gesture
  • Maintaining structure throughout the final stages of modeling form
  • How to organize soft and hard edges
  • And more!

The materials I use in this video are:

  • Stonehenge paper, 120 lb
  • Graphite pencils, 4H-2B & and various erasers

You will be able to watch via digital download or online stream.
Run time: 10 hours 30 mins (Full), 27, 30 & 21 mins (Refined)