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Drawing Foundations Course

This ongoing series will cover the basics that every realist art student will need to confidently proceed with their education.

Features of the head

This ongoing series goes in depth on the individual features- eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and eventually the planes of the head.

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What People Are Saying...

Stan Prokopenko
Stan Prokopenko

Stephen is one of the top artists and art instructors out there! I'm constantly recommending his mentorships to my students. If you want the best atelier style training online, he's your man.

Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris

Having these other concept videos and lessons really helps. I liked the block in video and the figure drawing video too. It really feels like we are getting a much more rounded education in drawing.

Shelah Horvitz
Shelah Horvitz

I have had years of figure drawing, but never learned anything beyond the initial linear stage. Your explanation of *why* you create what tones where and when makes all the difference. You really can't do it right until you understand why. At long last, thank you.

Kamlika Chandla
Kamlika Chandla

Your pedagogical approach is much appreciated. The bite sized approach with such incredible explanations are perfect. Need to go work work work now. Thank you!